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3 Images in the Patricia Youngquist Photo Art Collections

Patricia Youngquist The Last Leaf Gardener [PY–TLLG] is the personal Internet boutique devoted to the acclaimed impressionistic photo art and photo e–books imprint of Patricia Youngquist.  

We invite you to explore our two galleries, Virtual Stories and Print Collections.  In Virtual Stories we introduce the photo e–book, Words In Our Beak. The Print Collections represent a simple yet evocative world of fleeting emotions and moments in time.  Also, you may wish to spend some time in our Storefront, where you may purchase a copy of the e–book or unique sets of note cards featuring several of the images from Words In Our Beak.  Note cards of the limited edition prints are also available, as are quality reproductions in standard sizes or custom ordered for larger dimensions.

The images shown above are “Hiker’s Paradise“ [left], “Man in Bookstore“ [center], and “Hope (Rays of Light)“ [right].